Quality Control


We are fanatics about testing everything we purchase for pesticides.  Other producer/processors claim to have 100% organic products, but analytical labs report finding banned pesticides in many products on the shelf. Unfortunately, between 40-80% of products in WA and 20-30% in OR have some amount of detectable banned pesticide.

We’re not about that. We test every batch of oil and flower purchased from other producers and only use product that exceeds state guidelines to produce our high-quality CO2 oil. 


The only chemicals in our extract and processing labs are cannabis grown using organic methods, pure carbon dioxide (delivered and stored in pressurized tanks), pharmaceutical-grade ethanol (another term for pure Everclear™), purified reverse-osmosis water, solid CO2 (carbon dioxide), and rubbing alcohol (this is for our cold traps. It never contacts our product). We don’t use cutting agents or other fillers. And we never will.

Separate Strain Batches

We carefully keep each harvested strain in a different batch. This ensures that the finished oil smells, tastes, and feels as close to the actual flower as possible. Sometimes we get a large batch, and sometimes we get a small batch — that’s all part of working with living plants and using organic processes to nurture them!

We don’t mix strains in our extractors. That means our finished batch sizes are variable and it’s not always possible to find the same product month after month at your favorite retailer.

Full Spectrum

Our proprietary method extracts the terpenes from each batch of flower at the very beginning of the oil-making procedure. At the end of the process, after things that don’t taste good like chlorophyll and plant waxes are removed, the full spectrum of terpenes are carefully hand-blended back into the oil batch. The result is a finished oil that smells, tastes, and feels exactly like the actual flower it came from.

Research & Development

We have a full-time PhD chemist leading our scientific team and we invest more than most companies in research and development (R&D) to improve our processes. We do this so that we can track cannabinoids and terpenes throughout all stages and fine-tune our processing steps to optimize and improve the overall product.

Quality Control Checkpoints

On top of all of this, we have multi-point quality control checkpoints integrated along the process line. We check each batch for viscosity (how “thick” the oil is — for example, honey is very viscous, while water is much less), color/clarity on a standard visual scale, and cartridge performance and reliability. We have personal relationships with the manufacturers of our cartridges and have been testing many different iterations to ensure a smooth product delivery each time.

If you can’t tell, we’re obsessed with bringing you the best flower and oil possible. We utilize top-level science and clean, organic processes to create a premium product for our customers. After all, we’re passionate about getting it right every single time.