At Avitas, we’re passionate about bringing you the absolute best product possible. We work hard to perfect our hands-on horticultural know-how. We use an innovative perpetual cultivation technique that ensures the freshest flower available on the market. Here are some of the deets.

Down in the Dirt

We start with organic methods and great soil. We deliberately mix every batch of our specially formulated soil  with seven all-natural additions to create a living ecosystem that’s both great for the health of our plants and defends against anything that might harm them. Using pesticides may have made this process easier, but we’re determined to be pesticide-free.

Year-Round Grow

We grow indoors to ensure a steady supply of high-level bud. Our years of experience allow us to perfect our growing conditions including temperature, humidity, light/dark cycles, CO2 levels, nutrient levels, and pH levels. All of which are carefully monitored and adjusted as needs arise. Our processes optimize our strains and reduce variability from crop to crop, ensuring that our terpene profiles are always spot on and our bud formation is dead steady.

Dry, Cure, Package

When our plants are ready to be harvested, we start by stripping the fan leaves immediately from the plants to help with the airflow around the buds as they dry. Once dried and cut from the stems, the buds go through one last round of hand manicuring before they are placed in glass curing jars in a climate-controlled room with special humidity adjustment for a minimum of two weeks. This final step brings out each strain’s unique aroma and flavors.

At Avitas, we’re all about the best product. Period. That’s a promise both to ourselves and to our customers. Our hand cultivated cannabis process may be more arduous than some, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. From seed to sale, we continually work to ensure that our buds are in the best possible condition before they’re packaged up and delivered to a store near you.