At Avitas we pride ourselves on consistency, quality, and variety. Three characteristics that are often difficult to align correctly, but we pride ourselves on hitting every time. We start by bringing in a wide range of strains to our labs. We want to be able to bring a broad spectrum of quality strains to our customers, and so we make sure to choose the best of the best. We judge each one on flavor, smell, and effect. After selecting the highest quality plants with the greatest number of desirable characteristics, we start to hone in on consistency.

We pursue stability in our crops by utilizing clones from our chosen mother plants. Cannabis mother plants are female cannabis plants that have the best or most desired characteristics of a strain. Mother plants are used to create “clone plants” that continue to display particular traits such as the ability to produce large yields, the ability to ward off disease, or the taste, smell, and effect of the flowers they produce. As each cloned batch moves along the growth cycle, we continue to monitor aroma, flavor, appearance and production efficiency. We replace mother plants as soon as we see any change or shift due to epigenetic factors.

Genetic stability in our plants provides our customers with the best and most consistent products available on the market. We choose our strains based on flavors, aromas and cannabinoid profiles and also develop in-house strains to bring out specific characteristics unique to Avitas. We’re always looking to push the limits of possibility by providing our customers with a variety of high-quality cannabis strains that remain consistent with every puff and pass.