I joined the company in November 2016. I have a PhD in chemistry and spent most of my career up to this point as a chemistry professor, with some time spent working in the science policy and environmental health fields. I enjoy sharing with others the wonders of chemistry, and that’s one of my goals with this blog. I hope to help dispel some myths, clarify some language and in the process hopefully create a better-informed patient and consumer.

So far, I’ve been enjoying working in this exciting new field—it’s a fascinating intersection of science and policy, while occupying an interesting space of legality and highly-structured and regulated business rules. When I joined Avitas, the extraction team was already making a high-quality CO2 extract oil for vape cartridges and medical applicators. It’s been exciting to help make that already-great product even better with batch specific, full spectrum terpene blends, upgrading our process flow, and working with growers and analytical labs to guarantee all of our flower is 100% free of pesticides before we extract it.

When I’m not thinking about chemistry or cannabis, I enjoy sewing, gardening, and travel. I look forward to sharing some of my science knowledge and industry insights on this page along with some of my other colleagues here at Avitas. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of confusing and incorrect information out there regarding cannabis, so I hope to contribute to the growing body of useful scientific knowledge. Keep checking back for more posts!